19.03.2017 - Game Innovations And Updates

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    Dear DrakinGame Players!
    Thank you for your intense interest since opening!
    We have made some changes in the game, we thank all of our players who are with us and who informed them to us.
    We work every minute to do the best for you guys.

    The problems we solved are listed below.

    Thank you for your patience!

    ********* 19.03.2017 General server maintenance work *********

    The clan sequence on the panel was corrected.
    The problem of getting 0 coins or under average coin has been solved.
    The problem of Genie has been solved.
    Fishing flash drops have been increased.

    The problem of Elmorad Castle and Luferson Castle mobs being aggressive has been solved.
    Defense and HP of Mobs such as Manticore and Centaur have been decreased.
    When selling an item to NPC, the issue of coming down the coin shown in the table has been solved.
    The problem of being kicked when beaming through the gate has been solved.
    The needed NP has been decreased when upgrading Clan. (For more clans to get royal easily)

    Click for the Clan Grade Details!!

    DrakinGame Administration

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