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    Hello, DrakinGame Players!

    What is this introducing event?

    It is an event made for the players who have just started in our game to make a quick start and to catch up with the other players.

    How can I participate in the event?

    Just open a thread in *here* and type your character name in there!

    How long will the event take?

    Event ends in 22.03.2017 06.57 a.m GMT +3

    When will you receive premium?

    You'll receive it within 2 hours after introducing yourself.

    Important note!: IP addresses of all topics will be checked. None of our players who has been subject to multiple memberships will be able to benefit from this event.

    As DrakinGame team we are always ready to serve you our valuable players.
    Afiyetolsun bunu beğendi.

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